how to program iphone apps

The past years have shown the advancement of technology, especially in the cellular phone market. Many companies are shifting from social media and websites to the mobile turf. Twitter and Facebook have passed their heyday and in this year, the must have gadget is an iPhone.

A good number of organizations believe that creating an application for the iPhone is economically and technologically beyond their resources. However, with the progress in technology, you will be amazed to that there are many sources available that teach how to make an iPhone app or how to program iPhone apps. Several websites allow any user to create their own iPhone application. With a smidgen of creative style, anybody can design first-rate applications without any prior knowledge of programming.

First, find a solid idea and try to find out if it has any chance of success. Observe if the iPhone app can make the life of the user who will use it more comfortable.

Aim to find a particular niche with a wide fan base and cater to this distinct audience. If possible, create an application that will make people laugh. This would be a very brilliant idea and would capture a wider audience. Or look for an existing application that is successful but somehow needs some significant features to be enhanced or added and then make it highly interactive.

Once the idea is formed, the next question is how to program iPhone apps. The first step is to get hold of the necessary tools to start creating the application. Make sure you have an iTouch or iPhone first then sign up to the Apple iPhone Developer Program. This would cost around $99. Once done, prepare to sign a Non-disclosure agreement. Next download then install the most recent version of the iPhone SDK. Another important thing to acquire is a notebook that is spiral-bound. If possible, obtain a Mac computer that is Intel-based and has a Mac OSX 10.5.5.

After all the supplies have been gathered, bring out all your skills and lay it down on the table. To create a new iPhone app, one has to perform many roles such as a researcher, accountant, project manager, information architect, accountant, designer, marketer, developer and advertiser. You may be able to do all these but it would take a lot of time and energy. It would be better to find talented people to do the things you are not familiar with. The fusion of ideas will help to enrich the application.

But the most important thing is to understand how the iPhone and its interface works. Be familiar with the Apple User Interface Guidelines to know what works or not with iPhone applications. Try to find out how a well-designed program moves from one screen to another.

Sketch out the plans for the application. Identify the information each screen needs to display and how to navigate from one to another. Recognize how each element should be sized in proportion to one another. Make the ideas tangible by making a thumbnail on paper and try out several navigational methods. The iPlotz is a good tool to move the sketches to a digital format.